Oculus Rift, a prototype of virtual reality gaming goggles coupled with a new 1080p OLED prototype, Crystal Cove became the best of show with a swiss replica watches prototype.  Its open interface and developer tools, with extensions and non-gaming applications is creating an Oculus Rift ecosystem. Oculus rift with middleware producer SoftKinetic has allowed the user’s hand motions to translate into real-time manipulation of objects in the 3D space.  Intel produced RealSense to facilitate virtual design. Eye tracking technologies that allow users to work with computers  by companies like Tobii, to replace basic mouse functions with simple eye movements.  An early market experiment stage of Big Bang Disruption are the above technologies. 5D audio with oculus rift could revolutionise the gaming arena. 5D audio digital algorithms can be coupled with EyeX technology also to make it a holistic user experience led my these disruptive technologies.