UNECE Inland Transport Committee (WP 5 Transport Trends and Economics)
03-09-2020 08:58 IST

UNECE - ITC History Brochure (74 years of ITC)

Governments adopted the “ITC Recommendations for Enhancing National Road Safety Systems” at the 82nd session of the Inland Transport Committee (ITC) (Geneva, 25-28 February 2020). The Recommendations can be found here. ITC is the United Nations’ regulatory platform in the field of inland transport. The Recommendations form a universal road safety blueprint that can be applied in any country’s national road safety system, helping to identify and address key gaps with specific and interconnected actions across areas to be taken by different actors. They are founded on the success of today’s best performers in road safety and draw on the experience of the aviation and maritime sectors in effective safety management. The adoption decision entered into force on 1 April 2020.

At its eighty-second session (February 2020), the Committee elected the following members for the 2020-2021 term of office:

Chair: Mr. Kristof Schockaert (Belgium)
Vice-Chairs: Ms. Marie-Pierre Meganck (France)
Mr. Jerzy Kleniewski (Poland)
Mr. Robert - Razvan Dobre (Romania)
Mr. Sergey Andreev (Russian Federation)
Mr. Philipp von Carnap-Bornheim (Germany)
Mr. Antonio Erario (Italy)
Mr. Hans Gerard Scholten (Netherlands)
Mr. Jean-Claude Schneuwly (Switzerland)
Mr. Roman Symonenko (Ukraine)