Absolutum Pte Ltd is an independent investment holdings company providing business solutions to companies and individuals by offering services in finance, real estate pricing indices. We strive towards providing business solutions of absolute quality and standards after taking in to consideration client’s requirements. 

Absolutum solutions private limited is an independent private limited company offering consultancy services. Since its inception offers solutions in Business analysis, real estate pricing analysis using repeat sales models and hedonic methods, GAAP principles in accounting and also risk management solutions.

Partner of Trade Land Finance : 

The roles and responsibilities of TLF shall be as follow:

(a) Development of Standards; Skills, Offer Training and Certifications
(b) Implementation of Cadastre 4.0 with FinTech
(c) Design and implementation of Alternate Financing platforms
(d) Blockchain Implementations, resource, and operations support
(e) Compliance with all statutory requirements as may be applicable in respect of the Project and SPC.
(f) Contribute as “Build operate and Maintain” model
(g) Any Collaborators of the relevant parties of TLF are responsible jointly and severally for compliance with all statutory requirements in respect of the Project and SPC. Need to contribute to the Joint Venture and all of its management and business experience, financial resources, expertise, competence and acumen for the success of the Project and SPC, as per any internal Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) signed with TLF and their respective contributors.